As a Visual Communications graduate, I've always had passion towards photography since my childhood. And since March 25th 2019, I've turned my passion into professional business. I've always be most appreciated for the creativity and ideas that I put into each and every photograph and set up. 

Passion for photography comes from my father who still inspires me and supports me throughout my photography journey. It all started from my childhood when he impressed me by the way he showed our personality through his images. 

With G. Venkataram as an intern, he inspired me to convert my passion into professional photography content.


Frames of India

Daira Art Gallery, Hyderabad  

NOVEMBER 16 - NOVEMBER 19 - 2015

Inter-College Exhibiton                       
Loyola College, Chennai  

MARCH 1 - MARCH 3 - 2015


Best Advertisement Photography

MOP Vaishnav, Chennai - 2014

Best Child Labour Photography 

Loyola College, Chennai - 2015

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